Ending Homelessness

One of the hidden tragedies of homelessness is that families move from shelter to shelter with their children constantly changing schools. Facing Forward to End Homelessness breaks the cycle of homelessness by creating a stable family environment where both individuals and families can thrive.

A place where change is possible
Facing Forward residents are determined women who, finding themselves homeless and broken, made the decision to face forward and move down a new path.

By surrounding these women with a framework of support and holding them accountable for their progress, Facing Forward gives them the best chance for a new life.

We foster an atmosphere of achievement where goals are set, met and celebrated. By providing permanent housing and a full array of services, including case management, healthcare, referrals for substance abuse treatment, mental health issues, education and job training, we give Chicago's homeless individuals and children the tools they need to reclaim their lives.

Be a part of change
We have a proven track record of success. Eighty-four percent of Facing Forward alumnae families are self-sufficient and paying full market rent. And seventy-five percent of Facing Forward children are currently working at grade level and twelve percent are on the honor roll.

Education and a secure place for children to learn and grow are cornerstones of Facing Forward to End Homelessness’s mission. This past year:

* 98% of our children are currently enrolled in and attending school
* 10 of our young adults are currently enrolled in and attending college
* 90% of our clients have been in permanent housing for at least one year

These statistics are indicative of the success that Facing Forward has earned through years of experience and the development of best practices.

Your support helps Chicago’s homeless women and children reclaim their lives. Join us in breaking the generational cycle of homelessness by transforming the lives of those in need.